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Critic's Corner

"There are musicians whose work can't be categorized. When people ask me what kind of music is from Echo Bay, I tell them highly enjoyable."

MichaelK (radio personality)
Denver, Colorado
"Echo Bay captured the essence of South Texas. If you haven't heard them, you are missing out on a musical journey."

Danielle Austin (television producer)
San Antonio, Texas
"...not too harsh or demanding, soothing yet powerful. I look forward to having them back. A definite plus to our festival."

Eddie Galvan
(vice president of Texas Jazz Festival)
Corpus Christi, Texas
"The music is soothing and the vocals inspired."

Greg Glasgow (Boulder Daily Camera)
"The bass and guitars blend smoothly allowing the other sounds to flood all your senses wonderfully."

Echo Bay fan (Detroit, Michigan)



You can also buy Echo Bay recordings locally at:
Borders • 1101 Hover St. • Longmont, CO • (303) 684-6446
Borders • 1 West Flatirons Circle Village #332 • Broomfield, CO • (303) 466-4044